We believe

        in love, life itself, friendship and all the precious things that combination of these special ingredients may create. And we believe that these are the moments worth being captured in pictures. We believe that pictures are not only a way to keep record of the most important moments which we all carefully protect in our hearts, but also a way to share these moments with the ones we care about. And we do our best to make sure this is exactly what we give you.

"Kris and Sandra were so awesome to work with. They were so fun and easy going."

Miranda, Big Island. Wedding

"I couldn't have asked for better photographers to have for our wedding than Sandra & Kris. They are very patient, funny, helpful, and easy to work with. "

Hillary, Big Island. Wedding

"We couldn't have been happier working with Couple Cups on our wedding from beginning to end. Kris and Sandra are the talented duo behind Couple Cups. "

Damon, Maui. Wedding.
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