10 Tips Getting Married In Hawaii

We understand how stressful it may be to plan a destination wedding miles away from where you live. So we created this list to help you plan a beautiful wedding in Hawaii! You’ll meet your wedding vendors only on your wedding day. And guess, who’ll be with you all the time on your wedding day? That’s right – your wedding photographer!

1. First things first – go on Instagram! Check hashtags #bigislandweddings #hawaiiweddings #mauiweddings #oahuweddings #hidestinationweddings and mark your favorite ones! We posted a lot of pictures on Instagram too, check us out on @couplecups!

2. Don’t be shy – Ask your vendors for recommendations! We worked with so many wedding vendors and we will be happy to share some names with you. You can also check our Hawaii wedding stories, we usually credit all the wedding team.

3. Think about your wedding budget and focus what is the most important for you. Whether it’s flowers, dress, shoes or photos – focus on that. And save money on things you don’t care so much about. In one wedding the couple did all the flowers and beautiful setup by themselves; another couple ordered their wedding cake from the local groceries store. Some brides do their own makeup and hair. So set your priorities clearly and book the best vendors for what’s important for you.

4. Weddings in Hawaii are shorter. Here in Hawaii it is common to have an intimate elopement or a small family wedding lasting just a few hours. This is mostly because it is expensive to throw a big wedding in Hawaii. Heat and humidity play a role too. Not everyone will endure 12 hours in Hawaii’s climate. It is a good idea to opt for an afternoon wedding. For small weddings we offer 2 or 4 hrs packages  and if it’s an elopement for two you can book a special 1 hr package with us!

5. The sunset! Plan your wedding ceremony around sunset time and you won’t be disappointed! In the middle of the day it will be so hot and you don’t want to be sweaty and wearing sunglasses in your wedding photos. Ask your wedding venue for the best ceremony time. Check the sunset time in Hawaii!

6. Leave time for a photographer!  We need at least 30 minutes to make a proper photoshoot of a couple! Have it around sunset time and you will be awarded with killer shots! Keep in mind that something can (and will!) go not according to the plan and your timeline. Have an extra 15 minutes for a quick snack or a sip of Mai Tai 😉

7. If you’re reading this and it already looks overwhelming, hire a wedding planner! A planner who will be by your side on your wedding day, who will answer all your questions and take care of everything!

8. Be happy and enjoy! Every wedding is different. So be you!

9. Some wedding venues allow parties only till 10 pm. Ask your wedding venue about it.

10. Have something from Hawaii! Book hula or fire dancers / pick Mai Tai cocktails for cocktail hour / order poke for snacks / have local flower leis and bouquet / Enjoy Aloha spirit in Hawaii.

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