Black Sand Beach Engagement

Planning your engagement photos? Here are a few tips from us to ⁠slay your shots:⁠
〰️ Think about the location. The Big island offers so options, like black, white, or even green sand beaches!⁠
〰️ are you sunrise or sunset kind of people? The pictures will look totally different depending on the time of day.⁠
〰️ The best outfit is one you feel comfortable in, whether that’s sexy, cozy, formal or more of a “Hawaiian” vibe⁠.⁠
〰️ Shoes or no shoes? Our vote is always for no shoes, especially at the beach.!⁠
〰️ Book a hair and/or makeup specialist if that will make you feel more beautiful and confident.⁠

Ultimately, the golden rule is the more you plan your session to be about your comfort and style, the better the result will be!⁠ 👋 See ya soon, lovers!⁠

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