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Beau & Mason – Engagement Session on Maui’s Ironwoods Beach

Love & Wander Engagement Session by Couple Cups Photography

Maui Engagement Photographer

When Beau reached out to us about doing an engagement session on Maui, we were sooo excited! After hearing about the plans he had and where they were going to be staying, we instantly thought of Oneloa, a beach that’s also referred to as Ironwoods Beach.

Maui Photographer Engagement
Maui Engaged Photo Session
Hawaii Photographer

This is one of our favorite beaches (IronWoods Beach) and photo locations on Maui because it’s notoriously quiet and there’s a great view of Molokai. It’s also perfect for photos because there are so many swoon-worthy stretches of lava rock that are perfect for posing and 20 foot tall lava cliffs that make amazing backdrops… especially in contrast to the sparkling crystal blue of the ocean.

Maui Engagement Locations
Maui Engagement Locations Elopement
Ironwood Beach

Ironwoods Beach is located towards the northern portion of West Maui between Kapalua and Napili. Because it’s a little bit tucked away, it’s not a popular hang out, which means there’s usually not a lot of people around. This is great because then we don’t have to spend as much time editing people out of the background of our photos!

Maui Engaged Photos
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Maui Ironwood Beach Engagement Session
Ironwood Beach Maui Engagement Session

Engagement Sessions in Hawaii

Everyone wants their engagement story to be a fairy tale. When you make the decision to get down on one knee in Hawaii, it’s pretty much a guarantee that one of the most important chapters of your love story is one you’ll be talking about for the rest of your life.

Maui Photographes Hawaii

You deserve to create meaningful memories in a paradise like this. After chatting with Beau and Mason for a while and hearing their story, we couldn’t be happier for them. They have been through a lot in the last two years, and as we listened to them talk about their love story and how much it means to have each other in their lives, we were swept off our feet as well.

One of the best tips we have for people who want to get engaged on a beach in Hawaii is to choose a beach that is a little more tucked away, like this one is. You don’t want tons of tourists looking on during your intimate moment.

Maui Beach Elopement
Maui Engagement Photo Session

If you need help finding the perfect spot to propose to your partner, we are always happy to help! Just send us a DM on Instagram and we are happy to talk about it and help you plan!

Admittedly, it was a little hard to stop snapping pics of these two because they were so naturally photogenic and the sunset was such a stunner that day. We really got lucky with Mother Nature on this one! 

Onome Bay Beach Engagement Session
Maui Ironwood Beach Engagement Session
Maui Session Photographer

Here’s what the couple had to say when we delivered their image gallery:

“Thank you so much for capturing our love. Our favorites are the ones that hold the moments of love, the small (big) moments. Oh my goodness!! Let’s be real and just upgrade the gallery now. They are stellar!!!”

We couldn’t agree more! Beau and Mason are both such beautiful people inside and out. They both have a deep understanding of what it means to be present and to have an appreciation for life and all of the beauty in it. Hawaii sure looks good on them, don’t you think?

Maui Ironwoods Bay, Maui Photgrapher

We can see so much love between these two in their photos and we hope they treasure them for life and look back at them often to remember this chapter of their love story!
If you’re looking to get engagement photos taken in Hawaii, or if you’re planning a secret engagement or elopement and you want a little help with the planning, please feel free to reach out. We love to document the moments of your life that matter most!

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