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Maria and Nathan’s Hualalai Spring 2022 wedding is a stunning example of an intimate elopement done right. They didn’t skimp on any of the details and the result was a gorgeous ceremony that they are certainly going to remember for the rest of their lives.

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Hawaii Elopement Photographer

Hualalai is located on the Big Island’s northern Kona-Kohala coast and the Four Seasons Resort is a popular five-star beachfront resort located right on the Pacific coastline.

We were so happy that Maria and Nathan chose this resort for their elopement because selfishly, it’s one of our favorite places to take photos. It has everything: lush greenery, white sand, bright blue water, and black lava rocks which is a photographer’s dream come true!

Four Seasons Hotel Wedding

It’s also a very convenient option for couples who aren’t local to Hawaii because they have everything you need right on the property. They have multiple venues you can choose from, wedding planners on staff, and honestly, some of the best food we’ve ever tasted. 

Hawaii Elopement at Four Seasons Hotel
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No matter what size wedding you’re planning, we always recommend the Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai. They can accommodate a large wedding, but their elopement packages are second to none — they even have one that includes an intimate dinner for two under the stars and in fact, that’s the package that Maria and Nathan chose for their spring wedding.

They went with an intimate venue right on the beach for their daytime ceremony. The weather couldn’t have been more ideal and the violinist they hired was the perfect touch. They laughed together as they shared their vows, and you could tell they were enjoying every single moment.

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Big island Intimate Wedding

When you look at the photo gallery, you can see that we were able to get so many beautiful photos in a variety of different locations: on the lava rocks, at the beach, amongst the lush greenery, and we even got some shots on the golf course!

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It’s important to remember that just because you’re eloping, that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out on your photos. In fact, we think it makes sense to get MORE photos because you want to be able to really paint a picture for your friends and family members who weren’t in attendance.

Maria is a really creative person and she was already a big fan of our work (which always makes us feel so flattered and proud) so really, she was good with just letting us do our thing. However, she did have some special requests that she was hoping we could work into the day.

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She and her wedding planner had worked ahead of time to put together a really great wishlist and a Pinterest page full of wedding photography inspiration, and we were so happy to be able to accommodate almost every single one of Maria’s requests!

This isn’t always possible, just based on the amount of time we have or the backdrops that are available in a certain location, but we got really lucky and we were able to make Maria and Nathan’s wedding day dreams come true!

As usual, we made sure to get a lot of beautiful posed shots as well as some candid photos and plenty of detailed shots. Everything that Maria and Nathan picked out for their wedding day was flawless (thanks to Maria’s artistic eye) and it was so much fun to photograph it all. 

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Hawaii Sunsets

We were so lucky to have a gorgeous sunset on that day, which really isn’t that hard to come by in Hawaii. We are blessed to have the world’s most beautiful sunrises and sunsets here.

As the sunset into dusk, we stuck around to photograph the couple as they cut their cake and sat down for dinner. Then, we excused ourselves to let Maria and Nathan enjoy their first meal together as husband and wife. 

Hawaii Wedding Cake
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Big Island Wedding + Elopement

If you’re looking to plan an intimate elopement in Hawaii, we would love to connect with you! We can give you some recommendations for resorts or venues and we know plenty of vendors that can help turn your wedding wish list into a reality. Contact us here!

Wedding Venue: Four Seasons Hualalai

Wedding Flowers: Flowers by Heidi

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